King John by William Shakespeare // Book Review

Hello there! If you’re reading this, thanks so much for coming by my book review blog(: I recently updated the theme, graphics, and other little things to make it fit the person I am now! I hadn’t touched the Customize button in over a year, and a lot has changed since then. So, I gave it a happy makeover this morning, and I love how it turned out! 💕

For today’s spur-of-the-moment book review, I will be going over a wonderful play I recently read, and that was, as you’ve probably seen by the title, King John by William Shakespeare. My review will be quick, fun, and spoiler-free! I hope you enjoy 😄💗

King John

Fast Facts:

Title: King John

: William Shakespeare

Page Cnt
: It depends on the version you get, but around 100 pages.

What It’s About
: The Life and death of King John of England – a short historical play by the Bard!


Why I Chose It: At the moment, I’m challenging myself to read 26 books I’ve never read before with alphabetical titles. When I spotted this one on Goodreads when searching for a book that starts with ‘K,’ I thought I’d give it a try!

Why I Love It: The characters were very likeable to me (Arthur and Prince Henry were my favorites), and the plot easily moved along with the suspense of wanting to find out who gets to be the king of England. Throughout the play, different characters try to get John off the throne!

Why I Recommend It: Well, if you like reading Shakespeare like I do, I thought that King John was pretty good! And if you’re interested in reading his plays for the first time and you love history, this was a wonderful, quick-paced historical play.

Happy weekend, guys!

— Maggie 💖


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