A Tailor-Made Bride – Karen Witemeyer | A Review

Hi, guys! Recently, I finished reading a book that I really should have read months ago; it kept showing up in my Goodreads recommendations, but it took me so long to finally go ahead and read it, haha! Today I’m reviewing A Tailor-Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer. xx

You guys can also check out my review of Head in the Clouds here. It was because of that book that I thought that I should give this one a chance. 🙂


Hannah Richards, a skilled dressmaker eager to start her new business in Coventry, Texas;

Jericho “J.T.” Tucker, a livery man whose heart is against dressmakers;

Cordelia Tucker, J.T.’s shy sister who longs for beauty and love;

Warren Hawkins, Coventry’s merchant’s son who longs for Cordelia.


Hannah Richards is offered the chance of a lifetime one spring afternoon: to start her very own dressmaking business. With an eager heart and a slightly wavering confidence, she gets on the train headed for Coventry, Texas – a town she has never visited, and where her new shop waits for her. Upon her arrival, she soon learns that not everyone in that small Western town is willing to welcome newcomers – most certainly not a dressmaker.


What I Liked:

  • J.T.’s attraction to Hannah, against his own will. His heart was screaming ‘yes’ while his mind was screaming ‘no.’ Which one will win in the end? It was hard to tell for a while haha
  • The setting. Coventry is such a sweet little town!
  • Hannah. Her character is so cute and intriguing; I continued to read the novel to see what happened in her life, not for any other reason, really.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • An important aspect to the romance that turned out cliché. You know how there’s that quote “you only know you love them when you let them go”? This occurrence is along those lines, and it ruined their love story for me.
  • J.T.’s hardheadedness. It was excessive and definitely annoying to read about at times.
  • How the spotlight was only on certain town members. I learned much less about the whole of Coventry than I would have liked.

Do I Recommend It?

Not really, no. It’s a nice Christian western romance, and definitely a fun, quick read, but it is lacking in terms of good character attributes and an original love story.

Because I had high expectations, finding out it wasn’t as great as I’d expected was a downer, but Witemeyer’s other books are absolutely fantastic, and they make up for this. x

Check this book out:



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