Head in the Clouds – Karen Witemeyer | A Review

Hello all! I’m SO excited to finally get to review this book! And by ‘finally,’ I mean that I kept putting off checking it out from the library LOL and because I (for lack of a better word) finally did, I absolutely loved it – just like I thought I would! Although I must say, there were some unexpected trials that the characters went through that disturbed and surprised me, though not enough to damper my high spirits; I’d easily read this wonderful novel all over again. Like, right now. I’m a little tempted to, hahaha, but I have other books by the same author checked out from the library, and I need to tackle those next.

As I mentioned on a recent Little Accomplishments post on my main blog, I wanted to see if I could finish this book in less than a week – and I did! Witemeyer’s writing and great characters had me hooked from the first word to the very last. I can’t wait to read the other books I have by her. 🙂


Adelaide Proctor, a beautiful and sometimes absentminded lady who recently gave up her job as a teacher;

Gideon Westcott, a charming and very British sheepherder out in Texas country who needs a caretaker for his quiet daughter –

Isabella, a sweet young girl who often struggles to remember how joyful life is.


When Adelaide Proctor finds herself in a Texan town that she doesn’t know, chasing after someone that she also hardly knows, she has no idea what to do next. However, the first newspaper ad she sees catches her eye, and she decides to volunteer, ending up landing a job at a sheep ranch miles from town to care for a sweet albeit difficult girl – who’s the daughter of a very handsome ranch owner, Gideon Westcott. By putting her whole heart into her work as caretaker for the kind child, it is quite possible that she will unintentionally give that same heart to her employer and closest friend.


What I Liked:

  • The characters. Sometimes in novels, there will be that one character that I’ll think “the story would be perfect if they weren’t in it,” but aside from the protagonists, I didn’t feel like that about Head in the Clouds at all! All of the main characters, and even the minor roles, as well, had great personalities. I would have appreciated more in-depth descriptions of all of their appearances, but that makes the creative part of reading even more fun. 🙂 Either way, the size of the book’s cast was just right; not too few, but not an overwhelming amount, either.
  • The setting. Witemeyer switched back and forth from different perspectives throughout the story, so there were a few different settings, but the main one was Westcott’s sheep ranch. Getting to experience his home, pastures, and large expanse of land through her descriptions was very enjoyable.
  • How each chapter / section easily switched perspectives. The story is in third-person the whole time, but depending on which character’s feelings and thoughts the author is wanting the reader to experience, that’s the perspective Witemeyer chose for the chapter. I loved knowing Gideon’s thoughts, and Adelaide’s, too, instead of the whole book being one-sided – which is very interesting, too, but further understanding multiple characters is really a treat. 🙂 That made their story even sweeter. ❤
  • The tension. There was juuuuuust enough of it to keep me pinned to my seat, hanging on each word, but without ever feeling the need to chuck the book across the room. Haha. I started a book like that recently, and the immediate tension was a little ridiculous, and definitely not a fun way to start a book. Most good books don’t cause readers to feel angry at the characters and author, although there are a few exceptions haha

Favorite Part:

  • All of the heartwarming scenes. Whether it was between Adelaide and Gideon, or Gideon and Isabella, there were so many sweet parts. I started crying multiple times; Witemeyer did a beautiful job of bring life to those three characters. I know that ‘heartwarming scenes’ is pretty vague, but I aim to write spoiler-free reviews, so I don’t want to go into detail and ruin anything for potential readers. I’d rather keep my mouth shut and give someone else the delight of reading it for the first time in the book than get to discuss it and spoil that joy.

Do I Recommend It?

Do you…

  • like historical fiction? Yes!!!! It’s based in the late-1800’s out in Texas territory, and it exposes readers to sheep ranches, as well as how hard life was back in that time period.
  • like adventure? Yes!! Much of this book was spent at Westcott’s home, as I mentioned earlier in my review, but there was also soooo many adventure scenes woven throughout Head in the Clouds. I was on the edge of my seat so much of the time!
  • like Christian fiction? Yes!!! Both of the main characters share the same Christian values and a strong belief in the Lord, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and unlike a few other “Christian” novels that I’ve read in the past year, or so, the focus of the story kept coming back to the Lord and His provision, not just a mutually stated love for God once or twice. It was nice to read.
  • like Western fiction? Yes!! The majority of the book is focused on life at Westcott’s ranch, as well as the surrounding towns, but they’re out in the West (or actually the mid-West, haha) as they live in Texas. All of the main characters (save Isabella) are skilled at horseback-riding and shooting a gun. (I can’t remember the proper term right now.)
  • like romance? Yes!!! Without giving much of anything away (even though I’m tempted to), the love story that blossoms in this book is beautiful, and I know I say this often in book reviews, but it’s one of my favorites. (I think I’m allowed to have multiple favorites haha, either way this one made the list.)

Check this book out:



Author’s Website

Happy weekend to all of you! xx 🙂

— Maggie


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