A Midsummer Night’s Dream – William Shakespeare | A Review

amidsummernightsdreamHave you ever owned a book that you haven’t read yet, but every time you see it, you think, I should read that? That’s what kept happening for me with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, except that I don’t own the copy I have; it’s an honor book from my library. lol

The first time I got it from the library (which was a few months ago), I realized that I wanted to read it unabridged first; the copy I’d chosen wasn’t. I don’t get to enjoy Shakespeare’s work as much if I know that professors have added their thoughts to it. I only enjoy reading abridged Shakespeare plays after I’ve read the unabridged versions. Last month, I got the Dover Thrift Edition from my library, and I finally finished reading it today.

This play is in my top three favorite works of Shakespeare, alongside Hamlet and The Comedy of Errors. However, I’ve loved 90% of what I’ve read of Shakespeare, so the top three thing doesn’t mean much, haha!


  • Hermia
  • Helena
  • Lysander
  • Demetrius
  • Theseus
  • Hippolyta
  • Oberon


While Theseus and Hippolyta are making wedding plans one day, a man named Egeus comes to Theseus’ court. He tells him that Egeus’ daughter, Hermia, refuses to get married to a man named Demetrius, a man Egeus approves of, because she wants to be wed to another man named Lysander. Theseus threatens that Hermia will hang if she doesn’t obey her father’s wishes. Thus, she and Lysander run away to elope in another kingdom so that they won’t be under Athenian rule. A crazy turn of events follows…


What I Liked:

  • The poetic verse! The other plays I’ve read didn’t have as much rhyming as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and I loved that.
  • Nick Bottom’s character and role; I was laughing so much at his antics.
  • Demetrius’ change of heart; he really can’t decide who he’s in love with.
  • Peter Quince’s play within a play. It’s fun to read about characters in a play, preforming a play. Haha!
  • Robin Goodfellow’s mischievous ways; I liked his character instantly.

Favorite Parts:

  • When Titania falls for Nick Bottom. Just yes.
  • All the rest of the parts, because the whole play was wonderful.

Do I Recommend It?

Do you…

  • love Shakespeare? Yes! This really is one of my favorites so far. The mood throughout is whimsical and fantasy-like, as well as funny and romantic.
  • love reading plays? Yes! And like I mentioned earlier, the play within this play was great, as well as the play itself.

-~- Maggie

Check this book out:





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