Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare | A Review

juliuscaesarAlthough Julius Caesar is a tragedy, the characters are likeable and the plot is gripping. I really enjoyed it – however, I’m finding that I love most of Shakespeare’s work, both tragedy and comedy. 🙂


  • Julius Caesar
  • Marcus Brutus
  • Mark Antony
  • Cassius
  • Octavius


Caesar is about to given the crown of Rome. Neither Brutus nor Cassius like this at all, so they gather some men who also think that Caesar abuses the power he has, and together, they assassinate him. Antony, a good friend of Caesar, is devastated. He convinces Brutus to let him (Antony) speak at Caesar’s funeral. Brutus foolishly lets him, naïvely ignoring Antony’s façade. When Brutus and Cassius aren’t around, Antony convinces the plebians to rise up against the conspirators, burn their houses, and avenge Julius Caesar.


What I Liked:

  • The amount of characters. I was able to remember who everyone was, which made the play easier to follow.
  • How naïve Brutus is. I appreciate flawed characters over the perfect, smart ones, because imperfect characters are more realistic, which I’m always looking for in fiction. Although, I wonder how differently the story would’ve gone had Brutus been brilliant…Antony would not have spoken at Caesar’s funeral, and Brutus would have been more cautious of Cassius’ intentions, and Brutus probably wouldn’t have died…I suppose it wouldn’t be called a tragedy had Brutus’ part been different. 🙂

Favorite Parts:

  • When Brutus is saying goodbye to his friends, and even goes so far as to say farewell to one man named Strato, who had, for some reason, fallen asleep after everyone came to Brutus’ tent. Brutus seemed to frown upon him for this, which I found funny. Eventually, he woke him up. I’m sure I’d like that scene even more if I get to see it preformed someday
  • Antony’s funeral oration. When I realized what he was doing and how riled up the people were getting, I was like, “Ohhhh, Brutus would not like this.”

Do I Recommend It?

Do you…

  • love Shakespeare? Yes!! I really enjoyed this one.
  • love reading plays? Yes! Julius Caesar was great.

-~- Maggie

Check this book out:





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