A Texas Sky – Lori Wick | A Review

atexasskyThis is book two in the Yellow Rose Trilogy by Lori Wick. If you’d like to read my review of the first book, click here!

A Texas Sky really can be put into five different genres; it is an adventurous Christian western historical fiction novel with a heartwarming love story. Quite a mouthful, huh? I really liked this book, as I did the first, and I don’t think I like one over the other; they’re both wonderful! Like I said in the first post, I recommend reading all three in order; don’t start the third one first, like I made the mistake of doing!


  • Dakota Rawlings
  • Darvi Wingate
  • Cash Rawlings
  • Seth Redding
  • Eliot McDermott


Darvi Wingate needs to get to Stillwater to visit an old friend, whom she hasn’t seen in four years. Her uncle Marty finds someone to escort her there: Dakota Rawlings, a kind and trustworthy Texas Ranger. Along the way, Darvi seems to attract trouble, and while Dakota becomes suspicious of this fact and teases her for it, he finds himself beginning to care about her.


atexassky 2What I Liked:

  • Dakota Rawlings. I end up falling for fictional guys all the time, and this is the newest one. I love his sense of humor, how he treats others, his quirks… *dreamy sigh* Plus, we both have black (or, very dark brown) eyes, so I can relate to him lol
  • How the Rawlings brothers look nothing alike. Cash is tall and has red hair and deep brown eyes; Dakota has black hair and black eyes; Slater has blond hair and blue eyes. All three are ridiculously lovable.
  • How both Darvi and Dakota have recently come to the Lord and are so eager to learn more about Him. Throughout the book, they’re exploring their new relationships with Him, studying the Bible, and asking their friends any questions they have about God and the Bible.
  • Dakota’s horse, Eli. He acts like a dog; he’s overprotective, clingy, and intelligent. Whether it’s realistic or not, I find it hilarious.

Favorite Parts:

(contains spoilers)

  • When Darvi and Dakota realize they’re in love. Most of the romance novels I’ve been reading recently have the scenes where the two main characters suddenly become aware that they’re falling for each other, and it always ends up being my favorite part. I’m a romantic, which partly springs from being an avid reader and writer. Regardless, I love Wick’s love stories.
  • When Darvi shares her testimony with Dakota. Any time those two talk about the Lord makes me smile.

Do I Recommend It?

Do you…

  • love Christian fiction? Yes!! Go to a library or somewhere else where there’s books and get a Lori Wick novel. They’re all wonderful Christian stories.
  • love western fiction? Yes, but be aware that God is often discussed.
  • love romance? Yes! Wick’s love stories are so sweet.
  • love adventure? Yes! This one had a lot of adventurous moments.

-~- Maggie

Check this book out:




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