Veil of Pearls – MaryLu Tyndall | A Review

veil of pearlsThis historical fiction novel is the story of a girl who longs for acceptance, freedom, and a bit of romance.

Overall, I really enjoyed it: the characters are wonderful; the plot is gripping; and the ending is beautiful. I usually find myself reading lighthearted fiction, but Veil of Pearls had me on the edge of my seat. The feel of the book was intense, almost nervous. I found myself fearing Adalia’s safety quite often. Aside from that, I loved the love story (haha), her interactions with other people, what she learned about herself, and ultimately, how she came to be free.


  • Adalia Winston
  • Morgan Rutledge
  • Hadley Rutledge
  • Emerald


Adalia Winston is a runaway slave from a sugar plantation on Barbados. She escapes to Charleston for a fresh start, but she struggles to focus on being a doctor’s assistant since one of the richest young bachelors in town can’t take his eyes off of her…


What I Liked:

  • Tyndall’s way of writing. Just the right amount of dialogue and descriptions. 🙂
  • How utterly fascinated Morgan is of Adalia. He admires everything about her, from her strength, to her sweetness, to her independence. He loves her for being Adalia, not just for her body.
  • How Morgan chases Adalia. He refuses to give up on what he’s seen in her, even though she’s reluctant to trust him.
  • How different characters came to know the Lord better (or for the first time) is heart-touching.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The focus on slavery. It wasn’t overly done, but it was too much for me. I’m a very sensitive person, and I skipped reading certain paragraphs to spare myself the heartache. Putting aside my views on this aspect of the novel, she did write about it very well.

Do I Recommend It?

Do you…

  • love historical fiction? Yes! This novel was wonderful.
  • love romance? Yes! I say this all the time, but the two main characters’ love story is so sweet. 😛

-~- Maggie

Read: 5/2/16 – 5/11/16

Check this book out:



Author’s Website


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