The Pursuit – Lori Wick | A Review

thepursuitThis book was absolutely wonderful! It was a perfect mixture of Christian romance, historical fiction (early 19th-century England), and adventure (completely wasn’t expecting this aspect of it). I love all three of those genres so much, and this novel was a delightful surprise! A real treasure hidden behind a cheesy early-2000’s cover. lol (I used the hardcover cover for this review…just check out the paperback version)

Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations for this novel after reading another of the author’s books (The Rescue, which is the second in The English Garden Series of four books). As it turns out, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  • Edward Steele
  • Niki Bettencourt
  • Thomas and Lizzy Morland
  • Alexander and Cassandra Tate
  • Henry Steele
  • Christopher and Richard Bettencourt
  • James and Mary Walker


Edward Steele is on his way back home from Africa when he meets two strangers on the ship he’s on. In a strange turn of events, he’s having to sneak into an inn instead of using the front doors, assist a man’s sick manservant, and wonder what this Mr. Osborne is really all about.


What I Liked:

  • The characters. I fell in love with them almost immediately! It helped that I had read another book in the series, so I already knew who the minor characters were, and the main characters were so wonderful!
  • The plot. Describing it in detail would give too much away. I’ll follow in the steps of the person who wrote The Pursuit‘s summary and not disclose any major details, but I will say this: it was exciting and definitely kept me on my toes!
  • The story’s mood. Even though at some points, it’s intense, it’s still happy and lighthearted overall.
  • How Wick incorporated the Lord into the characters’ lives. They seem to genuinely know God, which I find impressive for Christian fiction, since I often find this genre to include God as a side focus instead of the main point.

Favorite parts:

  • All of Edward’s conversations with his older brother, Henry. They’re both so different, yet they have a good relationship. Sometimes, their personalities clash…
  • When Edward teases/says sweet things to Niki. They’re an adorable couple.
  • When Niki and Pastor Hurst are talking to Niki’s sons about salvation.

Do I Recommend It?

Do you…

  • love Christian romance/historical fiction? YES!! Lori Wick’s English Garden series is awesome.
  • love historical fiction? Yes, just know that the Lord is a large focus.
  • love Jane Austen’s novels? Yes! The time period of this series and how the people act reminds me so much of Austen’s work.

-~- Maggie

Read: 5/29/16 – 5/31/16

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