The Rescue – Lori Wick | A Review

therescueI found this book by browsing one of my favorite libraries. It’s the second in The English Garden Series, which has four books total. They cover the time lapse of four years (1809-1812), telling the stories of different people who are all friends and/or acquaintances in early 19th-century England.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book for the likeable characters, the time period, and the plot. It had its flaws, but if we’re truthful, the majority of books do – some are just more noticeable than others. The Rescue could have been written a bit better, but I accepted for how it was, and I’m glad I did, because it turned out that I liked it.


  • Anne Gardiner
  • Robert Weston
  • Frederick and Judith Hurst
  • The Jennings and Palmer families
  • Colonel Gardiner
  • Lenore Weston


Anne Gardiner, who has been living alone with her sick father for a few years now, relies on the loving care of the people in Collingbourne, England, to keep going day after day. When a new person moves to town, a man under the name of Weston, and takes up residence in Brown Manor, he stops at Ms. Gardiner’s house to ask for directions to his new home, when something quite unexpected happens…


What I Liked:

  • Different characters’ strong faith in God, especially Anne’s. They all had believable relationships with the Lord, complete with a few testimonies, nothing fictional-seeming or thrown in at the last minute.
  • The third-person point-of-view. Wick does a good job of letting the reader into multiple character’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • How much Weston cares about Anne, how he’s so protective of her. It’s very sweet.
  • Likeable characters. Once you know who everyone is (there are quite a few of them), they’re all genuinely kind and friendly-seeming.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Too many characters. Halfway through the book, I finally had a pretty good understanding of who everyone was, but I was still floundering to remember who was married to whom, and how many children each couple had.
  • An uninteresting beginning. It took perseverance to get through the first third of the book, and then, it finally got good, which is why I finished it.
  • Lack of character and setting descriptions. The reader doesn’t learn much at all about how the characters look or what little quirks they have. I would’ve liked more details on the rooms they spent time in, the weather, the scenery – Wick left it up to the reader to imagine 90% of it. Still, part of me appreciates that. It was a nice change. It made the story easy for the reader to create a story in their head for themselves instead of having it written out. It’s a pro and a con.

favorite parts:

  • Weston accidentally enters Anne’s room when she’s changing, and how they both respond made me laugh.
  • When the two lovebirds realize they’re in love with each other. (Not a huge spoiler, since a lot of love stories include this realization)
  • When Anne says out loud in a room by herself, “I’m falling in love with my husband.” I cracked up at the sheer absurdity of the statement, not even realizing that’s what was happening between the two main characters until she said it so bluntly.

Do I Recommend It?

Do you…

  • love Christian fiction? Yes! The majority of the characters have a strong belief in God.
  • love historical fiction? Yes, if you don’t mind the characters discussing God quite often.
  • love Jane Austen’s novels? Yes! This book reminded me so much of hers, but in a simpler way. It’s because of the characters and time period.
  • love Christian romance? Yes! Their 17th-century love story is so sweet, as well as clean.

-~- Maggie

Read: 5/24/16 – 5/29/16

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